Formatting Submissions

The content of a Community Bulletin Board submission must not be commercial in nature.
While an event can be held in a business setting, the purpose of the event cannot be one which clearly is to benefit the local business.
Moreover, in almost all instances, no mention of prices is allowed on the bulletin board.

If you are certain of whether your submission is allowable in its current form, please contact Area 58 in advance of sending the submission to us.
If we are not contacted and the format of your submission is outside of the parameters of our regulations – either due to its content or in its formatting, while we will do our best to get your message on the Bulletin Board, we cannot guarantee that it will;

1) Look the same as what you sent us.
2) Contain the exact phrasing you had. If we need to edit it for space or content, we will do our best to capture the essence of you message.
3) To avoid delays and editing on our part, limit your submissions to 100 words or less, and format them in a word or Rich Text Format.
4) Any artwork should be sent as a jpeg.
5) If you have an entire page completed with artwork, please send that as a j-peg, as in that format we can capture exactly what you sent along.