What is Public Access?

Public Access Media is the last bastion of Free Speech offered to the citizens of a town or region. Having its roots in the early 1970s, the basis of Public Access television is to provide citizens with an outlet for their individual thoughts, opinions, beliefs and ideals.

Using a percentage of the revenues that the local cable companies accrued, towns were provided with franchise fees that were designed to fund the public access centers.

In its purest form, much like Area 58, non-profit entities are formed that do not have direct municipal ties, allowing the organizations more freedom from perceived and/or real oversight from the governing bodies.

Offering training to the citizens of the towns, either at significantly reduced rates, or as part of a membership fee, public access centers help train the citizenry in video production while providing then with the equipment to make their dreams a reality.

Area 58 Community Access Media will teach you how to make your vision of a TV show a reality.

Once you’ve been certified and trained, we’ll still be there to help you every stop along the way – including teaching you do start your own Youtube channel, making the world your (potential) audience!!

The public access channel is yours. You provide the programming.

Channel 13: Your voice, your vision, your channel.