Mission Statement

Area 58 is an independent, non-profit organization, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Area 58’s mission is to help all Carver, Halifax and Plympton citizens and institutions realize their potential through the medium of cable television, and to encourage and facilitate their fullest participation in the production and distribution of quality programming by and for the local communities of Carver, Halifax and Plympton.

Area 58 is committed to fostering a welcoming and empowering environment where citizens may obtain hands-on training in video production techniques and media literacy, and enjoy free access to professional television equipment for the purpose of creating community programming that provides a unique, valuable, and locally-relevant option in non-commercial programming.

Community is an invaluable tool for strengthening expression, communication, understanding, and appreciation of diversity in a community, and to this end Area 58 is especially committed to providing non-discriminatory access to the television medium to all Carver, Halifax and Plympton citizens and institutions.

In addition, Area 58 is committed to help bring important issue to the towns by covering and cablecasting various municipal meetings from each of the towns, bringing local government into the households of the citizenry.